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Brianne is amazing and I am so thankful she is my health coach. She came to me during a time in my life where putting my health first was a challenge. I was pretty stuck and hopeless. But somehow despite all odds, she was able to help me make realistic adjustments toward positive health goals. Health coaching was new to me, and I am fascinated how I leave every session feeling optimistic and excited to meet my goals. Brianne has a special gift in making her clients feel heard and worthy. She also reminds you of your strengths which you can use as tools in meeting your goals. Life can be busy and tough, and sometimes it just takes a little help from a professional like Brianne to get you on track.

Anna Stenstrom

After COVID I was at point with my self-care where I knew I needed to make some improvements for myself.  At that time, I was not entirely sure how Brianne would be able to assist me with my endeavors; however, I was excited to give it a try.  With Brianne’s assistance, guidance and encouragement, she has worked with me to discover ways to shift my mental arguments with myself from why I SHOULD make certain changes to how I CAN make certain changes.  She is very nurturing and supportive while at the same time keeping me accountable and on the path I want to travel even when that path occasionally takes detours.  I enjoy working with Brianne and would recommend her to anyone who is serious about taking the next step for themselves and their health.

J.D. Saccani

I cannot recommend Bri enough. After our first meeting, I left feeling clear and empowered to start making changes in my life that were much needed. It’s hard to articulate just how good she is at what she does. She has an uncanny ability to listen. Not just listen but hear what I’m really saying and then mirror that back to me. This allows me to make connections that you might not have otherwise thought of or seen for myself. This is incredibly powerful as she is guiding you to listen to your own inner voice. She has been able to help me understand the challenges that I was having and find routes to resolution that I wouldn’t have found on my own. I appreciate her warmth and empathy.

Michelle Subotnick

Brianne has taught me to celebrate my successes big or small.  She has challenged me to embrace my whole self - no matter that I am a forever work in progress.  I can't thank her enough for awakening my self-confidence and giving me the tools that I need to support my growth.

Elizabeth Roth

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